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Tianjin Pharmaceutical Group subordinate units for the Tianjin pharmaceutical group. Operating range for the production and sale of X - ray diagnostic equipment and high - pressure equipment. The company set up jointly by Tianjin pharmaceutical group public health medical instrument limited company and Japan EMIX Corporation and Japan's new business development corporation. Total investment of 10 million yuan, registered capital of 7 million yuan.

Tianjin physicotherapeutic instrument factory is one of Tianjin pharmaceutical group public health medical equipment limited company subordinate factory is well-known X ray equipment manufacturer, has 20 years of history in the development and production, the production base has a panoramic X ray machine, has a team of professional technical team. Tianjin eMix Medical Equipment Co. Ltd is established on the basis of the development, design, production, sales as one of the Integrated Company. The company belongs to the high-tech enterprises, with high-quality, experienced researchers and professional engineering and technical personnel and medical expert consultants, to provide technical support and quality assurance of strong talent structure, composition of the company provides for enterprise information product development and clinical application. Technology has reached the leading level in the country.

As one of the four plate Pharmaceutical Group, the company has been the strong support of the group in the capital; with the Binhai New Area of the advantages of resources, cooperation with the large compound contact, have adequate technical support in product development. Companies adhering to the "market-oriented, depending on the quality of life, customer is God, efficient work for the protection of the business philosophy, with excellent technical team and strict scientific management and perfect marketing network construction of Tianjin medical equipment industry, and hope with the well-known enterprise depth cooperation.